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Summerfield  Farms
Limousins seem to have an inherent sense of pride.

At birth, our calves are tattooed and tagged. Tag colour indicates family; number shows birth order; letter denotes year. This young lady then is, the 10th calf 2010 belonging to the blue family

Welcome to Summerfield Farms. We are a small, very unique producer of most certainly the purest, healthiest beef you will ever eat. Our full French Limousin cattle, as a closed herd, have been with us for twenty-four years.

They are born and bred in isolation on the banks of the Fraser River just north of Prince George, British Columbia. Their home is upstream from all industry and has never seen the use of herbicides or chemical fertilizers.

Our cattle receive no grains or processed feeds, no hormones,vaccines, antiparasitics or antibiotics and their lives are free of stress. They are 100% grass/hay fed - 100% of the time

When it is time, our cattle are transported by us to a nearby small, family run, state-of-the-art abattoir. There they are dressed, checked by an independent government meat inspector, dry aged for a minimum of fourteen days, cut to your specifications, wrapped, frozen and personally delivered to your door*.

If you are interested in the very best beef, raised in the cleanest surrounding, in the most natural way possible and then processed by conscientious owner-operators: Welcome to our beef, please read on...

*We will deliver your order within the Prince George area

Summerfield  Farms
Western Canadian Agribition in Regina, Saskatchewan is one of Canada's largest agricultural shows. For 32 consecutive years Limousin cattle have won Grand Champion Carcass. Their advantage is in the large rib-eye, long loin, lack of excess fat and smaller bones. The cut shown is a very large rib steak. Several more could be cut here or it could be a prime rib roast.
Summerfield  Farms

...that grass fed beef is much healthier for you?

Less fats, fewer calories, more Omega3s. For a more complete understanding of why grass fed is best visit Click on Grass Fed Basics or Health Benefits.

Summerfield Farms